What is Vision2025?

At Canaan we continuously strive to pursue and glorify God in all that we do. This consists of consistent prayer among our church body and leaders, while seeking to work as the unified global church to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus lovingly came to give to us. Vision2025 is what we believe God desires Canaan to look like as we passionately pursue God’s calling for our unified church family.

We have organized the following events for us to come together as a church family to learn more about this vision, and for us to spend time in prayer as we seek God's calling on Canaan.


View Vision2025 booklet and other helpful resources here.

Vision Night

Thanks for joining us as Pastor Daniel shared about Vision2025. If you missed it, watch the video below to hear about the exciting steps we will take together as a church body as we pursue God's calling.


Sacred Assembly

August 2 & 9
Sunday @5pm (Worship Center)

A public worship and prayer gathering. Can you imagine what might happen if the Body of Christ gathered together for a Sacred Assembly? A Sacred Assembly with a singular focus—to pray in humility without hype, self-promotion, or hypocrisy. All of us asking God to forgive our sins, to heal our land, to revive the church, to save the lost, and to have mercy on all. 

Let's come together united in our shared faith, hope and trust that God will hear our cries for help. Expect God to move.

LIVESTREAM >>> We will livestream both gatherings (youtube.com/canaanstl).


Business Meeting

Sunday, August 16 @4pm (Worship Center)

We invite all church members to participate in the business meeting on August 16. Hear helpful ministry updates, as well as vote on the Mehlville property as a part of Vision2025.

In-person: Please wear a mask and practice social distancing guidelines. At-home: We will send a zoom meeting invite the week of the meeting.

View PDF of Mehlville Property Overview.