Camp Sunago


Camp Sunago 2019 is quickly approaching! We are excited about camp this year and hope you are too. 

Camp dates: July 22-27

We feature separate programs for:

Juniors: Completed Grades 3-6

Seniors: Completed Grades 7-12

Register online now!

NOTE: All Canaan members will need promo code for checkout—see below.

Canaan Member Pricing

We are offering a 50% discount per child (only grades 3-6), for all Canaan members. The cost of camp with the discount is $132.50 per child through Sunday, June 30. The cost of camp for students (grades 7-12) is $265. Starting Monday, July 1, late registration cost for members will be $142.50 per child (grades 3-6), and $285 per student (grades 7-12). Please contact Pastor Gary Bond for special promo code and more info. NOTE: You will need this code to complete the online registration. Tap/click the green registration button, in upper right corner of dialog box — "Enter Promotional Code" is in blue (promo code must be entered at beginning of registration).

Non-Member Pricing

We invite anyone who is a non-member to particpate in Camp Sunago. The non-member pricing is $265 per child through Sunday, June 30. Starting Monday, July 1, late registration is $285 per child.

Camp Scholarships

We have several families who would love to send their kids to camp, but may not be financially equipped to do so. As a church member, you may simply choose to forgo the discount offer or give an additional gift scholarship. If you feel God leading you to support one of these kids, please contact Pastor Gary Bond. You can also give on Sundays at the time of offering during worship services (please mark gift for "Camp Sunago Scholarship").

About Camp Sunago

Camp Su'Na'Go takes place at Pinecrest Campground in beautiful ozark country near Fredericktown, Missouri. Pinecrest is a heavily wooded retreat center about 80 miles south of St Louis. It provides excellent facilities run by the Church of the Nazarene. They go out of their way to make our time there successful and rewarding. Canaan and South County Bible Church are the only groups on campus for the week.

Camp Su'Na'Go has all the sun and fun that you have come to expect from a resident summer camp. The Su'Na'Go difference is found in our top quality, nationally recognized bible teachers, challenging missionary guests, and bible memorization program.

Our well rounded program will leave your child challenged from God’s Word, excited about world-wide missions, encouraged in their Christian walk, and ready to face their world unashamed of the Gospel.

Visit the Pinecrest website for facilities info and for a virtual tour of the camp.