Grade 6 - 12

Where students connect to God, people, and purpose

Our goal for every middle school student is that they would have clarity—clarity that the Bible is one story leading to Jesus. And for every high school student, our aim is for them to graduate with confidence to open the Scriptures and pursue God as they walk into college or a career.


Sundays | 5-7pm
Oakville Campus

CAST is our weekly worship gathering where students are invited to cast off their old lives and follow Jesus today and tomorrow. Students encounter worship, Biblical teaching, small groups, and have free time (either fun or relaxed) to build friendships.

Connection Group

Sundays | 9am
Oakville Campus

The student Connection Group helps cultivate a theological and biblical framework for viewing, thinking about, and living in the world. Our Connection Group utilizes multiple resources from RightNow Media to BibleProject to engage students with the Scriptures.

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