Local Missions

People throughout the St. Louis area need to experience God‘s love and hear His message of salvation for their lives.

The groups and organizations below are part of Canaan's outreach to share the Gospel and the love of Christ with our community.

The groups and organizations below are part of Canaan's outreach to share the Gospel and the love of Christ with our community.

Feed My People

We partner with Feed My People, a faith-based organization that relies on public support “to show God’s love and compassion to all His people, but particularly to His people in need.”

It serves five ZIP codes in South County and the High Ridge area, and with a staff of only 14 paid personnel, Feed My People utilizes more than 400 volunteers to serve 1,500 clients weekly.

Clients receive bakery goods, produce, dairy products, frozen meat, and personal hygiene items. In addition to providing food, help is offered in utility and rental assistance and medical and pharmacy co-pays. It also operates a thrift store where gently used items can be purchased for very low prices.

Hand 'n Hand Pregnancy Help Center

Canaan has partnered with Hand ‘n Hand for nearly two decades.

Hand ‘n Hand provides medical, educational, and material assistance to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. And through those services, they’re also sharing the good news of Jesus in a loving environment.

Not only have many babies’ lives been spared from the tragedy of abortion, but there have been countless changes in the lives of moms, too.

Message and a Meal

Canaan is one of several churches that serves the needs of the homeless through Message and a Meal, a ministry started by Pastor Paul Gonnella that serves many of the homeless downtown.

Money given to Message and a Meal from the GCO helps pay rent for the “pallet yard”, which is what the homeless call the small lot at 10th and Cass, where they meet weekly. Funds also help to purchase weekly supplies.

Serving 50 to 75 people each week, Message and a Meal also offers clothes, coats, shoes, blankets, and health and beauty aids that are donated by supporters of the ministry.


Oasis International

For more than 15 years, Oasis International has welcomed refugees from over 55 nations to South St. Louis City, loving them with the heart of Jesus.

Oasis believes that every refugee in St. Louis has a part in God’s sovereign plan. And great things happen when God’s people befriend refugees of different religions right here in St. Louis.

These refugees need someone to help explain processes (like registering kids for school or how the mail system works), to share meals with, and to just have fun with.

Oasis also helps provide household items, kitchenware, bed- ding, furniture, clothes, toys, cell phones, gift cards and many other necessities that refugees need to begin a new life.

Senior Community Outreach
Senior Community Outreach

Canaan is actively involved in sharing the Gospel with senior adults in residential settings, allowing those unable to attend a local church to participate in a worship service.

Hosted in several residential facilities, services begin with our worship team singing familiar hymns. Pastor Ed Vaughan preaches the Gospel message by presenting the scripture as the residents follow along.

Residential participants span a variety of religious affiliations. Many are already followers of Christ, but all are hungry to hear the Word.

Sin Fronteras

Sin Fronteras began as a bilingual preschool program for Hispanic children ages 3-5, helping them prepare for kindergarten with the intent of building relationships and sharing the gospel with the whole family.

Now Sin Fronteras currently serves Hispanic mothers in Fairmont City, Illinois, particularly those with babies.

By using English classes and material needs as a means of opening doors, Sin Fronteras is building relationships and community among Hispanic families in Fairmont City and surrounding areas while assisting with needs and sharing the life-changing message of Jesus.

Global Missions Partners

God created & loves each of the 7.5 billion people on this earth, yet there are still 3,200 un-reached and unengaged people groups who have not heard the name of Jesus.

We must pray, give and GO to them. We continue to see God at work among people and cultures across the globe.

The groups listed below are some of the partnerships and ongoing works we have established and continue with in collaboration with other followers of Christ.

Bethlehem Christian Academy - Zambia

In 2011, Bethlehem Christian Academy opened its first campus in Zambia with 31 children enrolled, and it has added a grade each year since. BCA opened a second campus in Northern Zambia in 2014, and at the beginning of 2019, opened another campus in northwestern Africa.

At the end of 2019, 344 children were fed and educated with a distinctly Christian education.

BCA’s mission has remained the same—sharing the hope of Jesus with orphans and impoverished children through Gospel-centered Christian education with the goal of making disciples and planting churches.


In May of 2018, Canaan Puebla, Mexico, to explore a possible partnership with a local congregation, Primera Iglesia Bautista, where Pastor Alejandro Luna had identified 32 villages and communities surrounding the area that had no church presence.

After speaking with the leadership of Primera Iglesia Bautista, it was decided that one key way Canaan could bless them would be to help train the members in making disciples in each of the key communities that they had targeted.

The hope is that as church members are trained in discipleship and build relationships within the targeted communities, they will have received training to plant and cultivate healthy churches.

School to the Nations

School to the Nations partners with Mars Hill Productions in producing the HOPE film, which tells the truth of the Bible from creation to Christ. This film is designed in a way that it can be effectively and efficiently adapted for any language or culture.

The HOPE film has become a major evangelism and disciple- ship tool for missionaries worldwide, even being viewed with solar-powered video projectors in remote villages.

Senegal, West Africa
Senegal, West Africa

Senegal is within the 10/40 window, an area missional strategists refer to as the portion of Africa and Asia that lies be- tween 10 and 40 degrees latitude north of the equator. This section of the globe is where most of the world’s unreached peoples live. Current statistics show that about .4 percent of those who live in Senegal are evangelical Christian (68,000 of 17 million).

In 2012, Canaan sent a team on a vision trip to a small village in Senegal. Those who live there, the Fulani, were considered an unreached people group. Since then, Canaan has made an intentional effort to lovingly build relationships with the Fulani and share the gospel.

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