Kidz Wednesdays

Starts Wednesday, August 22

Kidz Choir

Wed., 6-7pm, Worship Center, 1st - 6th grade

Teaching children about worship and music in an exciting way! Click here to learn more about the Kidz Choir or contact Choir Director, Tracy Smith.

Junior Kidz Choir

Wed., 6-7pm, Children's Wing, 4 years old - Kindergarten

Learning about music through simple songs with a strong message. In Junior Kidz Choir, there's lots of room to move while praising the Lord! To learn more, click here or contact Junior Kidz Choir Director, Pam Braun.


Wed., 6-8pm, Children's Wing, Babies - 3 years

A comfortable and fun environment for your child while you participate in Bible study or worship. For nursing moms, we have a quiet, private room. Please be sure to label all bags and bottles. For more information or questions, contact Nursery Coordinator, Amy Ham.

Girls in Action (GA’s)

Wed., 7-8 p.m., Children's Education Wing, 1st– 6th grade girls

Girls in Action (GA's) teaches girls how to live a missions-minded life. By learning about, praying for, and giving to missionaries all over the world, GA’s discover how they can be missionaries in their homes, schools and church. Annual GA activities include the Ladies Tea for the single/widow ladies of Canaan, Dad and Daughter activities, Mom and Daughter Spa Day and the GA Camp at Lake Williamson. For more information, contact Rebecca Repperger.

Royal Ambassadors (RA’s)

Wed., 7-8 p.m., Children's Education Wing, 1st – 6th grade boys

Royal Ambassadors is a Missions-minded program for elementary school-aged boys to “help foster understanding of the mission field and what it represents…all under the banner of Jesus Christ.” With service projects that contribute to disaster relief efforts and the fight against world hunger, the RA’s gain a Christian perspective on global concerns. Events include the annual RA Lock-in and Pinewood Derby Races. For more infomation, contact Jeff Baskin.

Mission Friends

Wed., 7-8 p.m., Children's Education Wing, Preschoolers

Mission Friends provides a "strong foundation for preschoolers in a Christian and missions lifestyle." Teaching about God's love for everyone, it helps preschoolers focus on others through age-appropriate lessons, games and crafts