Global Outreach


The United States is no longer the Christian nation it was. It is estimated 1 in 8 people worshipping in a Southern Baptist Church and 7 out of 10 people in general do not have a personal relationship with the Lord. Additionally, Mexico, which is engrossed in their blend of cultural Catholicism, has Southern Baptists asking for our help. Will you respond to their cry for help? God created & loves each of the 6 billion people on this earth, yet there are still 3,400 un-reached and unengaged people groups who have not heard the name of Jesus. We must pray, give and go to them.

Canaan is involved with various mission projects within the U.S. as well as foreign countries. We are excited to see God at work among people and cultures across the globe. These groups mentioned on this page are some of the partnerships and ongoing works we have established and continue with in collaboration with other followers of Christ.



West Africa is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the world and home to more than 300 unreached, unengaged people groups. Canaan is partnering as the missionary to this people group just south of the capital, Dakar. With no known believers in Nantucket or surrounding villages, Canaan has committed to prayer and going to share the Gospel 3-4 times per year. The Fulani are an oral culture and mainly follow Islamic beliefs. If you can tell a Bible story you can bring Living Water to these thirsty people. Mission teams of only 4-6 people are needed. Please consider if God would be calling you to GO to the Fulani in 2019. Please pray for the Lord of the harvest to bring forth new Fulani believers, for disciples to be made & churches to be planted. For more information contact Pastor Martin Winslow.


Canaan is partnering with a Baptist Church in Atencingo, Mexico. Our partner, Pastor Alejandro has identified 32 surrounding towns and villages that have no Gospel presence. Canaan currently leads discipleship training seminars for those being mobilized to plant churches in these villages.


Bethlehem Christian Academy of Zambia, Africa — Canaan partners with Bethlehem Christian Academy in two locations: in Zambia, Africa and an undisclosed location in the 10/40 window of West Africa. Children of the academy receive a distinctly Christian education along with food and clothing. Churches are planted in all locations where the schools are located. Canaan mobilizes to these schools to meet sponsored children, assist in VBS and help train village pastors. INFO: Martin Winslow —


Canaan is a praying partner for the almost 600 million lost people in this area and the work of one International Mission Board missionary at work there. The people are mainly atheist, Muslim or Buddhist with only 5% Christian. East Asia is home to almost 300 unreached people groups who because of physical and spiritual isolation, remain largely untouched by the Gospel. Canaan hopes to take a mission trip to engage in prayer-walking, English camps and Bible studies. Please join in praying for the lost of this area and watch for more details on upcoming trips or contact Brian Bond.



Samaritan‘s Purse sends shoeboxes packed with items for children around the world. Each box receives a Gospel booklet in the child‘s language. Almost 100 million boxes have been donated since OCC began. Canaan collected over 400 boxes in 2017. Boxes include toys, school supplies and personal hygiene items. To donate or assist with this ministry contact Bev Ervin.