Financial Seminar

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October 14, 2018

4:00pm – 7:00pm

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We invite you to take part in our FREE Financial Seminar in October — 1 day only! Learn helpful tools about budgeting, saving, and doing finances in a way that honors the Lord. Hear from financial consultants and advisors, and our special guests from MO Baptist Foundation.

Sunday, October 14

Canaan Baptist Church
5409 Baumgartner Rd. St. Louis, MO 63129


Each round consists of the following class sessions (sign up for one, two, or three classes):

General Financial Stewardship — Part 1
Chuck Easter, Business owner, Financial Chairman at Canaan
4pm / 5pm / 6pm
The first part of basic financial stewardship principles. In this session Chuck will discuss financial priorities, establishing a basic budget, the importance of saving, tithing and the heart behind doing finances God’s way – and the blessings that flow as a result.
General Financial Stewardship — Part 2
Adam Hartz, Financial Consultant 4pm / 5pm / 6pm
The second part of basic financial stewardship principles. In this session, Adam will continue what Chuck began by discussing the importance of financial planning. He will discuss such topics as the importance of insurance, longer term budgeting, wills and powers of attorney.

Ryan McGhee, Financial Advisor
4pm / 5pm / 6pm
This course is geared towards those who are ready or want to get to where you are being intentional and strategic about savings and investing. Ryan will discuss several strategies and options for investments from stocks, mutual funds and bonds to other options as well.

Estate Planning
Neil Franks & Nick Davis, MO Baptist Foundation
4pm / 5pm / 6pm
These two gentlemen from the Missouri Baptist Foundation will discuss the biblical principle of blessing the kingdom of God with that which God blesses you even beyond your years. This very important, yet often untaught principle can greatly bless and build up the kingdom of God for generations to come. This course is for those who are thinking through wills, trusts, etc. and how to bless your family and the church beyond your life.

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