Elevate FAQs

How long is the Elevate: Reaching New Heights initiative?
Elevate is a three-year, accelerated giving initiative, beginning in December 2016 and concluding November 2019

What is the projected cost of the construction and renovation?
The estimated costs are approximately $3.8 million. These estimates reflect 2016 pricing for construction, equipment and furnishings costs.

Should I redirect my tithe to the Elevate fund?
No. Our first priority is supporting Canaan and its current ministries with our tithes. Elevate is an over-and-above gifting, which will look different for each person. It may be taking another step toward generosity, or finding a way to prioritize our personal expenses so we can participate in the growth of God’s kingdom.

How can I get more personally involved with Elevate?
First, we ask each of you to pray. Pray for our church to live out our vision of making disciples of Jesus Christ everywhere by impacting our church family, community and beyond with the gospel. Second, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in increasing your generosity in giving to ELEVATE. Third, exercise your faith to trust God to enable you to do what He is prompting you to do.

How do I make my commitment? Is it confidential?
You will be given a commitment card on which you can indicate your goal for giving. Your card will be kept confidential (just like your tithes) and will be collected during the Elevate initiative.

Can I change my commitment during the three-year initiative?
As circumstances change unexpectedly, your goal can be adjusted by contacting the church office.

How much will each person be expected to give?
The only expectation is that each person/family pray and ask God what He would have them to give. While the amounts will obviously be different for everyone, our hope is that each person will take personal ownership in the project and be led to give generously, even sacrificially. Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.

How will we pay for the cost of building?
Our goal is to raise $3.8 million over the next three years in our Elevate generosity initiative. We intend to pay for construction with gifts that are received. We believe God would have us to accomplish all of this with no debt beyond what is given and pledged.

What if we don’t reach our goal of $3.8 million?
We will have recommendations based on priority and will decide together as a church family the direction God would have us to go.