BSTL Event Overview

Thank you so much for your interest in our Bethlehem in St. Louis community event. Learn more about Bethlehem in St. Louis below. If you have any questions after watching the videos and reading more about this event, please do not hesitate to contact the church office: 314-487-1730 or

Event Dates

FREE EVENT - DEC. 1 & 2, 2-8PM 

About Bethlehem in St. Louis

Bethlehem in St. Louis is a Christmas event where we invite the St. Louis community to participate. This event is an interactive tour through our outdoor marketplace with the sights & sounds of the first century. This is our 5th year of the Bethlehem in St. Louis event.

Journeys depart throughout the day and evening on Saturday and Sunday, 2-8PM.
No reservations or tickets needed. The entire journey takes about 1 hour, depending on wait times.

Event Overview Video

Upon arrival, guests are assigned a group number and are ushered into the church Worship Center to wait for their tour to begin. During this time, they will experience enjoyable music, Christmas trivia, and helpful info for their journey. Below is a video we play for guests while they wait, an introduction that walks them through what to expect during their time in Bethlehem. NOTE: This video is from 2016 – some content may be dated.

Booklet Guide



We provide a helpful guide for our guests as they journey from our Worship Center outside to the marketplace. The booklet includes an introduction, historical facts and information, and key words to better understand the full story of THE Christmas event!

The marketplace is divided into 5 sections that help tell this special story:
  • 1: Creation
  • 2: Corruption
  • 3: Catastrophe
  • 4: Christ
  • 5: Cross

Did someone say cookies???

Upon completing their journey, guests return inside the church for cookies and hot cocoa. This is a wonderful opportunity for guests to get to know people from the church.